Motorways With You Driving

Motorway Driving Tuition

Once you have passed your Driving Test on one of our Intensive Driving Courses you will then be legally allowed to drive on the UK motorway network we strongly advise that before doing so you consider having a short course of motorway tuition, this can also be done by going on a Pass Plus course, motorways are dangerous places, and drivers who are not aware of the dangers are very much at risk of having a serious accident.

A short course of tuition can make you aware of all the dangers and give you the experience of driving at the maximum legal limit of 70 mph whilst under supervision, if you take the Pass Plus course you will get this experience and in the process receive from the DSA a Certificate that will entitle you to receive from all of the major Insurance Companies a discount of usually about 30%.

After passing your driving test seriously consider Motorway Tuition.