Guaranteed 1-2-1 Crash Driving Courses prices start from £250!

Crash Driving Course, FREE DRIVING TEST

Crash Driving Course.It seems a strange name for a driving course but its the name a lot of learners know an Intensive Driving Course by. Its the best way to learn to drive, the old way of a lesson per week meant learning to drive took forever and learners got fed up and usually packed it in before they passed their test. They then usually had another go some time later and then packed it in again. Intensive Driving Course means you start and finish in a short space of time. With the old way you also forgot what you had been taught the week before so progress was very slow.

We are the leaders in the field of Intensive Driver Training and all of our driving courses are tailored to ensure that on the DSA practical driving test you are capable of passing the test.

GUARANTEED PASS? - No such thing, again do not be fooled.
Some schools try to tell that their courses are a GUARANTEED PASS or free tuition. Again its a SCAM. How can they guarantee you will pass the test, how do they know that another driver will not make a mistake. Again do not be fooled.

We do NOT do Car Sharing. If you book 5 days, YOU drive 5 days.

ALL our courses are One Instructor, One Learner driver, GUARANTEED!

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